Wednesday, January 12, 2011


So lately, MAC's collections have really not impressed me. The last thing I bought from a new collection was one thing from Venomous Villains which was Innocence, Please Cremesheen Lipstick. Otherwise, they haven't impressed me. But, I feel like 2011 has been and will be great for MAC. The two biggest collections MAC has come out with so far is Cham Pale and Peacocky. Unfortuatley, I haven't picked anything up from these collections but I definatley plan on it! I'm super interested in the Mega Metal Shadows. Specifically, Peek-At-You, Top of the Posh (which, I'm suprised I'm interested in, because I don't enjoy the color pink!), Noir Plum (I'm a sucker for purples), and Unflappable. As for their Kissable Lipcolour, I'm loving Enchantee and Vanity Fair, SO PRETTY! The only thing to mean that I'm interested in from Cham Pale is the Soiree Nail Laquer.   But who knows, maybe I won't get anything, or everything from these collections!
Now, as far as upcoming collections go, I'm SUPERSUPERSUPERSUPER excited for MAC & Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is the orginal spokesperson for girls everywhere (at least to me!).  And, OMG!, Jeanius!!!! Have you seen how they're designing the eyeshadows?! Check it out below!

So cute, right? But knowing makeup lovers, I'm sure these eyeshadows will be sold out within the first thirty minutes! There are so many upcoming MAC collections that I can just tell they're going to be amazing!
Well, back to more homework. I have an extra credit puzzle due in Psychology and I'm having the hardest time trying to figure it out!

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