Sunday, January 30, 2011


Dear Forever 21, I love you. Which is why I spend a lot of my time on your website and not in your store because it is so completley messy! Haha, I will organize it for you, if you really want.
So, I did got out to my mall though to buy that black halter I previously shown you but I haven't worn it out yet. But let me tell, it is so cute on you have to go get it! I think I'm going to wear it this week while I'm at our state dance competition.
Anyways, here are some more clothes from Forever 21 that I think are totally adorable.
Distressed Vinatge Finish Jeans
Normally, I won't have gone for these jeans. I have big legs, so skinny jeans + destoryed-ness = no way. But they are too unbelievable cute.

Ruffled Cork Stillettos
You could totally dress these up or down. The cork material makes them more casual, but the ruffle makes it 'fancier'

Tiered Cuff Ankle Boots
These would go absoultey perfect with a shorter dress. These can total make you look like you own the room.

Fall in Love Charm Necklace
This necklace is so simple, but so cute. You can honestly wear it with anything and it's so inexpensive!

Leaf Motif Earrings
The last time I went to Forever 21, I couldn't find them at all! These earrings would look so cute with a hair style that's down with curly hair!

As for scarves, they are my favorite accesory and beleive it or not, I loved just about every single one the the scarves that is on their website. I just love scarves!

Monday, January 17, 2011


Yesterday after work, I went into Walmart to pick up some things for my brothers and myself. I wondered over to the makeup section and found nothing too interesting except for the new Maybelline Volum'Express One by One Waterproof Mascara and Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor in Pink Sand. So blah, blah, blah, I do some shopping, get a book, some more storage, stuff for the brothers, whatever. I go to check out at the self checkouts and I scan everything, bag them, yadda yadda. So I get to my car and because everything is so heavy, I immediately fling everything into my passenger seat. So I get home and I'm going through all my stuff, and I notice that my makeup that I bought is gone. I thought it was kind of weird because everything else was in the bag but not my makeup, so I thought, huh, maybe it fell out of the bag in my car. I go out to check my car, nope, nothing. So then I think, will I had a hard time carrying everything down the stairs so maybe it fell out on my way to my room. Again, nothing. So I was thinking about where it could be, and I was getting angry at this point, and I remember in the check out, there was a very rude girl, about my age, standing behind me. And I just remember her being very impatient and rude and then I remembered that while I was trying to carry everything she immediately went to scan her things. Anndddd, I remember taking my eyes off my bag. She stole my makeup! I'm really upset about the whole thing because I just spent however much money on those things and I don't even get to use it! I'm secretly hoping that it will just appear out of thin air, but I'm sure it's not =[

Friday, January 14, 2011


I'm currently in my newspaper class, and my article assignment is pretty much done. Now, with the twenty minutes I have left of class, what do you think I should do? Hmmm, maybe do a little online shopping (more like browsing...)? Now, I'm not too into fashion as I am into makeup, but here are some cute things a found online at
Although summer's not quite here yet, this halter would still be really cute. To dress it down, add a cardigan, or if you plan on going out, this alone would be perfect.
Rhinestone Bib Halter Top
I am a sucker for graphic tees, but some can be childish. So this is perfect for me! It's a the fun of a graphic tee, but the "maturity" of a dress top.
Beaded Rose Graphic Tunic

These tees are a necessity in anyone's wardrobe! They are so comfy but can be worn in so many different way!
Basic 3/4 Slv Raglan Top

Wow, how time flys when you're having fun! Have a great weekend everyone! I know I will at our dance competition! Wish us luck!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Most makeup from the dollar store will probably be the worst cosmetics you've ever tried. BUT, I have found the best eye shadows (I would say they were about the same quality as Rimmel Mono Eye shadows, even some MAC ones) and they're only $1.50 for FIVE EYE SHADOWS! That's about $0.30 for just one their eye shadows! It's the LA Colors 5 Color Metallic Eyeshadow. Now there are 24 eye shadows palettes that they carry, but my dollar store only carries 5. The colors I have are:
Tea Time
and Darling which for some reason the LA Colors website does not have up.
These shadows are so soft, it's like a Snuggie. These shadows are quite pigmented (if you've seen PinkieCharm's review on these, she says that they are not. maybe she got defective ones?) The colors are the MOST GORGEOUS colors I have every seen. I have to say, they are pretty then most MAC ones. The only down fall to this product is that the 'metallic-ness' is only on the top layer, but they still look gorgeous on the eye after the metallic is gone. I've almost hit pan on the Tease Palette even though the shimmer is gone (but it still looks to be a shimmery sheen to it, just not legit sparkles.) I think these are SOOOO worth the $1.50. If you are still iffy about getting them, just try it out. You can even pay it in complete change because it's so inexpensive! I hope my dollar store get more soon because I totally want to try out Carnival!
Ick, now I have to write two papers and complete two packets of study guides. Finals are next week and I really want to do well. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


So lately, MAC's collections have really not impressed me. The last thing I bought from a new collection was one thing from Venomous Villains which was Innocence, Please Cremesheen Lipstick. Otherwise, they haven't impressed me. But, I feel like 2011 has been and will be great for MAC. The two biggest collections MAC has come out with so far is Cham Pale and Peacocky. Unfortuatley, I haven't picked anything up from these collections but I definatley plan on it! I'm super interested in the Mega Metal Shadows. Specifically, Peek-At-You, Top of the Posh (which, I'm suprised I'm interested in, because I don't enjoy the color pink!), Noir Plum (I'm a sucker for purples), and Unflappable. As for their Kissable Lipcolour, I'm loving Enchantee and Vanity Fair, SO PRETTY! The only thing to mean that I'm interested in from Cham Pale is the Soiree Nail Laquer.   But who knows, maybe I won't get anything, or everything from these collections!
Now, as far as upcoming collections go, I'm SUPERSUPERSUPERSUPER excited for MAC & Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is the orginal spokesperson for girls everywhere (at least to me!).  And, OMG!, Jeanius!!!! Have you seen how they're designing the eyeshadows?! Check it out below!

So cute, right? But knowing makeup lovers, I'm sure these eyeshadows will be sold out within the first thirty minutes! There are so many upcoming MAC collections that I can just tell they're going to be amazing!
Well, back to more homework. I have an extra credit puzzle due in Psychology and I'm having the hardest time trying to figure it out!