Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Every Monday (at least I'll try) I will be posting reviews on products that I love, hate, or are indifferent about. No science to this folks. Also, the same review will be posted on my MakeupAlley account, daleendance. I have already done a few reviews on some products on MakeupAlley so check it out!
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Friday, October 14, 2011


October 20th is the start of the epic Sephora Friends and Family sale. Although the starting date is the worst (one day before payday, UGH!), everyone is going to be rushing online and to Sephora to grab their favorite products  By the time you may get there, the one thing you wanted could be gone! So it's always important to keep a list of the things you want to grab so you know exactly where to go before it's gone! Of course, I had to make my own list for the sale and share it with you now!

One thing I know I want to grab is the new Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Ready Eyeshadows 4.0. This is the first time that Bare Escentuals is releasing a pressed shadow and although I probably have enough quads and such in my collection, I have heard tremendous things about them and they seem to be a 'can't miss'.
bareMinerals READY™ Eyeshadow 4.0
(featured quad: The Dream Sequence) org. $30
If you've seen any of my old videos, you know that I'm definitely not a nail polish person. But lately, I find myself reapplying some of my favorite nail polishes for fall. With winter quickly approaching, I've realized that I don't have any winter polishes. That is why I know I'm going to grab the Sephora by OPI Urban Ballerina Mini Collection. Not only are these colors perfect for winter, it's based around dance!
Urban Ballerina Mini Collection
org. $13
My eyeliner drawer seems to be overflowing with eyeliners and even though I don't use them all (though I should) I keep wanting more! Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes have been on my wishlist for a long time and everytime I stop by Sephora, I keep forgetting to pick these up. I have yet to find an eyeliner that stays on my waterline all day but I'm hoping that this one is it!
Aqua Eyes
(featured colors: 11L, 0L, 12L) org. $18

I'm such a sucker for lipstick so I may just go crazy for them all! Especially for any Nars lipsticks!
(featured color: Afghan Red) org. $24
Finally, I've ALWAYS have had my eye on theBalm Shady Lady Palettes. Not only is the packaging gorgeous and the colors look great, but they have been given such incredible reviews! It's something I just can't pass up!
Shady Lady® Vol. 2 ($108 Value)
(featured palette: Vol. II) org. 39.50

I just want to add one more thing: I've finally started swapping on, so if you're interested in what I'm swapping or for any reviews, just look for user daleendance.

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Saturday, October 1, 2011


Working. Making money for school.
Well, are you going to make videos soon?
No. I've decided that I'm going to stop making videos because I can't commit to it. I just don't have time for it. Not that a lot of people care because I only have twenty-two subscribers but still...
BUT, I'm thinking of keeping the blog because it is something that doesn't take up a lot of time or interfere with my schedule.
Anyways, after a month's absence, here is my September favorites!
To begin, September first was my birthday so of course I've been loving being eighteen! Honestly, I feel sort of 'free' in a way. I defiantly feel much older.
Although I haven't made makeup videos, I've wearing a lot of makeup so to take off my eye makeup I've been loving the Lancome Bi-Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover. I know Sonia Kasuk has a very similar one but I don't mind spending the extra money if I know that everytime I use it, it will work and work well.
As you all may know, I do have a small obsession with hand sanitizer and this past month, I have been using Bath and Body Works HandiBac Anti-Bacterial Hand Spray in Fresh Market Apple. Out of all of Bath and Body Works scents, this one is the closest (in my opinion) to what it's actually supposed to smell like. Unfortunately, I believe this scent may be discontinued but check your Bath and Body Works Outlet and see if they have any left!
I've really figured out how I like doing my brows and during the huge Urban Decay sale, I got the Urban Decay Brow Box in Gingersnap. Although I can only use one of the colors in the box, it really makes my eyebrows look more polish and fills in the spaces in my eyebrows. And the tools that come with it are super adorable!
Another Urban Decay product I recently picked up was the new Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Eldorado. I wasn't really interested in getting this product when everyone first talked about it BUT when I swatched this color at Sephora, I immediately feel in love! When I wore it on my upper lashline, I got LOADS of compliments. And, like it claims, it does not budge! Even with my beloved Lancome Eye Makeup Remover, it was difficult to remove. LOVE THIS EYELINER!
(sorry for the terrible quality. meh, whatevs, DEAL.)
If I could spend money on only one makeup item it would be lipstick and I LOVEEEEEE the new CoverGirl lipsticks! I don't know what the actual lipstick is called but I do know it is their newer one in the color Darling. It is the best pink for the fall; it is not overly bright or crazy-colored but is bold enough for the fall trend. I've been wearing this like it's nobody's business (Here's a hint: I think it looks prettiest without lipgloss overtop).
(ahh, this picture does NOT look like the color at all! Go to your local drugstore to check it out in person)
So, Daleen. we've come to the end of your September favorites, but you never told us what your favorite TV show of the month is.
Well, none have particularly caught my eye except one: The Lying Game. Now at first, I didn't really like the show; it wasn't very exciting and seemed to go no where. But as the season finale approaches, I've realized how sad I'm going to be when it's over. I love the character of Emma and Laurel as well. Good job, casting directors!
And right before the month ended, two new shows appeared in my DVR list. The first is another one of my all time favorites, Gossip Girl, and it really started off with a bang! Can't wait to watch the rest of the season. And finally, Pan Am. While I was on vacation during the end of the month, I noticed that a lot of talk shows were talking about this hot new show. When I got home, I made sure I DVR'd it and although only one episode has been out, I know I will enjoy this one, too!)
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