Monday, August 8, 2011

"And ZXY because it sounds sexy!"

If you're familiar with the TV show "Friends", the title of this blog may ring a bell (that line was said by Monica in "The One with the Bullies" which is what I'm watching as I type!) Lately, all I have been watching is Friends on DVD! I keep forgetting how funny that show was! Which is why I want to do a mini series involving some characters from the show! Whatdaya think?

I finally finished my bottle of sweet pea hand sanitizer (thank the lord!) and I just wanted to let you know what scent I will be using for now. This sanitizer is actually in spray form instead of in the bottle (which does not fit nicely in my sanitizer drawer, may i add)! It is fresh market apple. I got this scent during this past year's Black Friday event at a Bath and Body Works outlet so I don't think this scent is available anymore. But I wanted to share this with you because I have never smelt a scent so close to the name in my entire life! I cannot believe how close it smells to a fresh apple! I'm glad I've got another (thank you black Friday deals)!

One final thing I want to add is that at the end of September, I'll be taking a short four-day vacation. Although four days is not long without a video, I just wanted to give you guys a little heads up! But before I leave, I am for sure doing a What's in my Travel makeup bag video which I'm so excited about, I want to film it now!

Until next time!

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