Friday, July 22, 2011


So I was just surfing when I saw that Crown Brushes were on sale. I sneaked a peek and was shocked at how cheap the brushes were. I haven't seen too many YouTubers talk about Crown Brushes but I know PurseBuzz and JulieG713 are a part of the Crown Brushes team. I was hesitate to put in an order but I couldn't believe the deals, so I decided to place an order!

In total, I saved over $30 for brushes! That's incredible! What's even more incredible was the price of the brushes! For their Italian Badger Kabuki, Fan brush, and Duo Fibre Crease brush, it cost only $21! I'm so excited to try these brushes out and I'll let you know how I feel about them. I still can't get over the price of all three brushes! Buying all three of these brushes (including shipping) was equivalent to buying one MAC brush in the store! I know everyone says this, but HauteLook is the best place for not only makeup, but fashion and other products at a discounted price!

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