Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I have been having really bad senioritis lately (I've already skipped class four times within these first seven day =z). So to continue on in my success in high school, more Forever 21 browsing! My favorite activity!

Lacy Graphic Tunic
This is ABSOLUTLEY adorable! I think is perfect for spring and summer trend: florals!
Bike Rise Crop Top
I love cropped, graphic tops for spring/summer. This is especially cute beause of the cute "bonjour" written on it!
History Of Rock Top
This top is just way to cute to pass up!
Floral Bodycon Dress
This dress can be played down or up! It's super cute with the new fashion trends and it's inexpensive!
I'm really loving all of Forever 21's jeans this spring season! They all look really nice and I can't narrow it all down!

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